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The Rockland Parent ultimate guide to services for children in Rockland. From home services to resources on adoption and family law. Check out the resources below and find the best services for your family.

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Fersch LLC

Fersch LLC

11 Broadway, suite 550 New York, NY

Fersch LLC practices exclusively in the areas of matrimonial and family law, including divorce, divorce settlements and litigation, child custody, distribution of property, prenuptial and postnuptial HomePay HomePay

1501 S MoPac Expy #340 Austin, Texas

When you hire a sitter, nanny, senior caregiver, housekeeper, or another household employee, it's important to understand how payroll & taxes work, as well as the benefits of paying them legally.

Mommybites Nanny Boards

Mommybites Nanny Boards

1501 Broadway 12th floor New York, NY

The Mommybites FREE nanny board is the ‘go to’ place for finding high quality nannies since 2006.

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