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How Your Family Can Volunteer with Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland

How Your Family Can Volunteer with Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland

Organized by the Catholic parishes, CCCSR offers various opportunities for families to give back to the community in Rockland County.

Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland is a nonprofit, social service organization founded in 1996 by the 18 Catholic parishes in Rockland County. They believe in compassion, love, and respect for all people. They support the idea that all children should have a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Their mission includes making sure all members of our community, regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity have a safe and affordable place to call home and live a life with security and dignity.

The staff and volunteers of the CCCSR work year-round to provide the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, and other emergency assistance for those in need. In an average year, the agency provides more than 100,000 meals through the Food Pantry. During the winter months, it runs a warming center, which provides emergency shelter from the cold for Rockland County residents experiencing homelessness. The agency also works closely with people on eviction prevention while teaching money management, budgeting, and financial decision making. Ultimately, the nonprofit’s goal is to “help people help themselves” and find pathways toward their futures. 

Family Volunteer Opportunities at Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland 

One of the biggest services the organization provides to the community is the food pantry, according to Daniel Eudene, executive director of the CCCSR. He says the pantry reaches approximately 1,500 households each year, which translates into feeding nearly 6,000 children in Rockland County. He wants residents to know that hunger continues to be a real issue in our area.

CCCSR is able to make a difference due to the support it receives by everyday people in the Rockland community who participate, volunteer, and donate. So, if your family is interested in giving back, Eudene says there are many different volunteer opportunities for families and kids available at CCCSR. “There is always something for young people to do,” he says. For example:

  • Families can help out at the Emergency Warming Center, which “runs from November through April and volunteers are always appreciated,” he says.
  • Older children can help put together the utensil packs needed when serving meals
  • Families can spend time working in the Community Garden
  • A family can Adopt a Family during the holidays. CCCSR organizes this program each year where local families provide items for those in need during the holiday season.  

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CCCSR’s Fundraising Events in Rockland County

The CCCSR usually holds an annual “Hearts of Gold” Fundraiser, however during the pandemic it had to get creative. Last year, it hosted a virtual Jeopardy challenge. It was such a success, the nonprofit decided to hold it again this year. CCCSR is hosting the 2nd Annual Jeopardy Challenge Fundraiser on Thursday, Oct. 28. “Last year’s Jeopardy Challenge was our first opportunity to raise funds during the pandemic and people really enjoyed watching our local ‘celebrities’ compete in the game. We are looking forward to hosting the three colleges this year and see who comes out on top,” Eudene says. 

This year’s contestants will consist of teams of students and faculty from the three Rockland Colleges: Rockland Community College, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Dominican College. The event is live this year, with Jeopardy Champion Pasquale Palumbo hosting. Players will compete for the chance to win baskets sponsored by local businesses—and more importantly, bragging rights! All of the money raised at this fundraiser in Rockland County will go directly to help area families in need. 

When and where is the Jeopardy Challenge? 

The event will take place on Thursday, Oct. 28, at 6pm and ‘broadcast’ live on CCCSR’s Facebook and Instagram pages. This event will kick off the 25th Anniversary of CCCSR providing much-needed services in Rockland County.

What is required to participate in the Jeopardy Challenge?

It’s free to watch on CCCSR’s social feeds, however everyone is encouraged to purchase a $25 raffle ticket in honor of the 25th Anniversary. Those who purchase raffle tickets are entered to win 1 of 4 gift baskets with items donated by local businesses.

More information about the event and the sponsorship opportunities available can be found at For inquiries, call Dan Eudene at 845-942-5791 x1002 or email [email protected].

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