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Smile More Dentistry Welcomes Jenn Sunkin, DDS and Toddler Thursdays

Smile More Dentistry Welcomes Jenn Sunkin, DDS and Toddler Thursdays

Dr. Sunkin will be organizing Toddler Thursdays and other kids’ events at Smile More Kidz.

Jennifer Sunkin, DDS, a pediatric dentist, will be joining the staff at Smile More Kidz dentistry. She will be accompanying a group of dentists and dental professionals with over 27 years of experience. Dr. Sunkin will be leading Smile More’s Toddler Thursdays, which is an educational program designed to teach both parents and children about proper dental hygiene. The information is all double-checked by licensed pediatric dental professional to ensure that everything children learn is age-appropriate and medically accurate.

“We create an environment for the moms to come in, have a coffee and doughnut in the morning, and the kids sit and watch a puppet show and learn how to brush their teeth and how important it is to have a healthy smile,” says Mariliza LaCap, DDS, owner of Smile More Kidz. “It gives them the right start to grow up cavity-free.” 

In addition to their children’s events, Smile More Dentistry also writes online blog posts to increase awareness about good dental habits for children and tackle topics like, “what do I do on a day when I have bad breath, how do I raise a cavity free child, and should my teeth be yellow,” says Dr. LaCap. “Simple questions that people ask on the Internet, but sometimes the wrong things pop up.”

Smile More Kidz prioritizes convenience for families, be that through their extensive hours or educational events. “I’m a very busy mom, and I have five kids,” shares Dr. LaCap. “I know how hard it is for parents to get their cleanings, to get their kids, and to get all their dental work done because they’re so busy.”

Overall, Smile More Kidz aims to create a safe and trusting environment for children. “Kids that go through our office don’t even know what it’s like to be afraid of the dentist,” says Dr. LaCap. “They have a great relationship with their dentist rather than being scared.”

This trust is maintained by always performing the least invasive procedures possible and taking the time to ensure each child is comfortable. Smile More Kidz prefers to take a more long-term and holistic approach to dental health, focusing on the child’s wellbeing. According to Dr. LaCap, “once you know what the best thing to do is, there’s just no compromise anymore. You have to make it happen.” 

Smile More Dentistry has two locations, 140 Oak Tree Road in Tappan, NY and 19 Legion Drive in Bergenfield, NJ. You can call the Tappan location at 845-359-1763

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