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Grand Opening of Bright Beginnings Preschool Location in Pearl River, NY

Grand Opening of Bright Beginnings Preschool Location in Pearl River, NY

Bright Futures Come from Bright Beginnings!

Choosing a daycare facility for an infant or toddler can be a fraught decision. Above all, parents need to know that their child will be safe while out of the home. They want to know that their child will be engaged and nurtured so that they can develop the confidence and curiosity so crucial to their future learning and happiness. They want to know that their children will learn to engage with positive regard toward themselves, others, their school and learning. Parents need to know the people who share their children's lives will be open and accessible. 

In Rockland County, these standards have led many parents to choose Bright Beginnings, the New City family daycare founded by Jaime Naddeo, a mother of triplets, back in 2011. She then expanded Bright Beginnings in 2013 to meet demand, opening the next center in Pomona. Now, Bright Beginnings of Rockland is pleased to announce a third location in Pearl River.

“I’ve always known that I had a calling to educate children,” says Naddeo, who graduated from Long Island University in 2006 and is certified by  New York State in Childhood Education grades 1 - 6, and Literacy from birth through 6. “Our mission is to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting. We help children develop the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to thrive in school and everyday life.”

“Our philosophy at Bright Beginnings is that learning can be stimulated and encouraged but not forced,” says Naddeo. “Children should be encouraged to experience their stage of development and feel successful at learning without pressure.” Naddeo places play at the center of the Bright Beginnings experience because it is through play that children acquire knowledge while expressing what they know and imagine.

A New Location for Bright Beginnings

Naddeo is excited about opening the new location in Pearl River. “Our new location is a commercial preschool. It has five classrooms and will be for ages 3 and up. We’ll also be offering before- and after-school care with transportation provided for children enrolled in the Pearl River School District.”

Parents and educators agree that continuity is crucial in early childhood development. “During the pandemic, we not only survived but became a critical piece in so many lives,” Naddeo says. We’re proud weathered the storm and made it possible for countless frontline workers to continue to work knowing that their children were loved and cared for.”

Community is a key element of the Bright Beginnings story. “It’s an honor to be a business owner in this community where there is this amazing group of parents.”  

Naddeo recognizes that a huge part of Bright Beginnings’ success is due to her staff. “I am passionate about finding and retaining the best people possible. I go out of my way to hire professionals who are caring and who are excited to teach children the love of learning every day.”

Of course, not all children are alike. Naddeo is a firm believer in early intervention and in utilizing the amazing services the community and state offer in various areas. She is a tireless advocate for students who benefit from these resources because, as she says, she wants to see each child be successful. “Sometimes our tool bag just needs some additional tools. Our job is to help children fill their tool bag so they can get the most from their education.”

Bright Beginnings is now enrolling for its new Pearl River location at 60 East Madison Avenue. They can be reached at 914-420-5785. To learn more about Bright Beginnings, go to

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