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Nature Place Day Camp (The)

285 Hungry Hollow Road

Chestnut Ridge, NY


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Now more than ever before it is imperative for children to develop love for a sense of place and for the natural world. Through cultivating cooperation rather than competition with peers, by allowing space for individual expression, and through creative, outdoor programming, we aim to do this. The Nature Place Day Camp: connecting children with nature through reverence and wonder for 32 years.

Meet the Director

Ed Bieber (back right, accompanied by director of programming Scott Dunn, as well as Ed and Scott's children who also work at or attend The Nature Place) is the owner and director of The Nature Place Day Camp. Ed created The Nature Place 32 summers ago to be a non-competitive and nature-oriented alternative program where children can connect with themselves, with one another, and with the Earth. A leader in outdoor and environmental education in Rockland County and surrounding areas for more than 45 years, Ed keeps the ‘nature’ in The Nature Place.