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Bethel Woods Special Exhibit & Art Fair at Museum at Bethel Woods

Bethel Woods Special Exhibit & Art Fair

The Museum at Bethel Woods, located on the grounds of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair, is excited to announce the opening of its 2022 Special Exhibit, & Art Fair, which takes a look into elements of Woodstock that don't often take center stage. This interactive and engaging display highlights the forgotten elements that hold great significance in the overall narrative of Woodstock. The gallery will showcase current research work done by the museum's team and showcase pieces made for and at Woodstock by artists, organizers, and festival attendees. The museum has been hosting Special Exhibits for the past 13 years with themes ranging from unique artifact collections to diverse art galleries. Admission to the Special Exhibit is included in the ticket to The Museum at Bethel Woods, or $5 standalone. 

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