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This is How NY Project Hope of Rockland Helps Children, Teens, and Families

This is How NY Project Hope of Rockland Helps Children, Teens, and Families

The Mental Health Association of Westchester provides COVID-related emotional support help to residents in Rockland County through NY Project Hope.

The NY Project Hope Support Helpline has been a valuable tool for so many struggling with the impact of COVID-19. The NYPH Crisis Counseling Program provides emotional support, outreach, and education to assist individuals and communities coping with COVID-19. It is a strengths-based program offering support that promotes resilience, empowerment, and recovery. Plus, It’s always free, confidential, and anonymous.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis, but much of the focus has been on aspects of physical health. However, due to the pandemic, a mental health crisis has also emerged. The Mental Health Association of Westchester is a proud provider of NY Project Hope, a program of the NYS Office of Mental Health funded by FEMA, offering a statewide crisis counseling program initiative available to every Rockland County resident. It has provided a backbone of resources and referrals to feeding programs, financial assistance, immigration assistance, employment assistance, and education based on COVID-19 vaccination concerns.

NY Project Hope Crisis Counselors Provide Coping Strategies for Parents to Help Teens 

Adolescents have been affected by the pandemic in a unique way and Project Hope offers a guide for parents to help them. “The involvement of family and surrounding community support such as school personnel, physicians, and mental health professionals is crucial in supporting a child and youth through the challenges during and after a disaster,” according to Kimberly Bouton, NYPH of Rockland’s crisis counselor. “Restoring safety for a child and older youth is different. However, the foundation of each involves understanding, attention, and support.”

New York Project Hope’s well-trained crisis counselors understand what teens and families are going through. Their responsibilities include:

  • Helping all Rockland residents understand their current situation and reactions to COVID-19
  • Helping residents reduce stress
  • Providing emotional support
  • Promoting the use or development of coping strategies
  • Connecting New Yorkers with other people and agencies who can help them in their recovery process. 

NYPH has helped those suffering from grief due to the loss of loved ones. In addition, counselors can assist with referrals for long-term mental health services if needed.


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NY Project Hope Offers In-Person and Virtual Support for Individuals and Organizations 

Life as we knew it changed with COVID-19 and feeling stressed or anxious is to be expected. It’s important to remember: Each person reacts differently and looking for help to sort out and understand your feelings is a strength, not a weakness. “The key is what you do with the stress and anxiety—how you handle it so it doesn’t get a hold on you,” Bouten notes.

NY Project Hope provides in-person or virtual presentations to local organizations on recognizing common reactions to COVID, building coping skills for the recovery process, managing COVID-related stress, and more. If you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization, please contact Martiza Ayala at 914-619-0151. Requests for group presentations can be accommodated on evenings and weekends. 

If you need a little help and support as you work to figure out how to help your children cope with COVID-19, call the NY Project Hope Emotional Support Helpline: 845-580-2022 (it’s open daily, 8am-10pm). 

If you would like to speak with a crisis counselor, call 845-580-2022.  

For the latest news regarding COVID-19, visit nyprojecthope.org. You can also follow NY Project Hope on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember: Taking care of your emotional health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

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