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Find the After-School Activity That Makes Your Kid Smile

Find the After-School Activity That Makes Your Kid Smile

Ah, fall. Crisp air, shiny apples, and the squeak of new sneakers.  After finally getting a handle on the morning rush, all the supplies and forms, and providing a lunch they’ll actually eat, it hits us.  What about after school?

Extracurriculars have become a big part of growing up happy and healthy today. Our kids have way more options than we did for how to spend their free time. And that’s a good—no, great—thing. Some of us may remember what it was like 25 years ago: you played sports (if you were good enough) or you did, well, pretty much nothing. Today’s children? They can blossom in their own niche, no matter what that niche is.

But so many options can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We have the most comprehensive directories of programs, classes, and lessons in the NYC area. Does he love strategy games, like chess? Check. Has she asked to learn to speak Spanish, like Dora? Check. Is art, robots, or video production all you hear about lately? Check. Check. And Check. Of course, if your kid does love team sports, we’ve got plenty of places he can conquer one of those, too.

What if your child isn’t sure what her thing is? Then you’re in for some fun. Sit down and scroll through the options together. You’re sure to be delighted—and maybe a little surprised—at what she picks. You can both start right here.

Find your child’s passion in your area:

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Bronx After-School Activities

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